Cruel Designs, Cruel Agendas

Cruel Designs of Cruel Agendas

when the cruel designs
of cruel agendas
coil around our necks
like bloodthirsty pythons
squeezing the marrow
out of our bones.

makes us targets,
takes its aim,
strike us down
and we lay waste on the ground.

stabs at our backs
and leaves the knife stuck
between the blades
of our crushed shoulders.

holds us hostage,
locks us up, locks us out,
locks us in and throws
away the key.

runs to the libraries of books,
hastens to the halls of learning,
stands guard and to us
slams all the doors shut.

when the cruel designs
of cruel agendas,
tricks us into covering our eyes,
fools us into closing our ears,
hoodwinks us into closing our minds
to the wonders of knowledge.

then aggressive, arrogant ignorance
and the people are enslaved