The Fall and Rise of a Prodigal

The Fall and Rise of a Prodigal

lifted up and perched high
lifted off into the sky
inflated, swollen , soaring
airy, bloated and floating
far above the clouds
lofty, haughty and proud.

then the clouds burst.

falling from my high place
into deep, dark, murky waters
sinking lower and lower
into grief, into despair
into agony, into sorrow
descending rapidly into misery and shame

dying and crying

rescue me….

hooked, snared and lost
grounded, detained
and chained in lockup
bleeding blood, moaning moans

over my state of affairs…

then the fallout from burst clouds began to dissipate

at dawn i was discovered,
nursed, healed, bailed and freed.
free from restriction, freed from the fetters,
freed from the chain and freed from the pain.

then I hear addiction’s call

begging me to stop by and say hello
one last fling before you go
addiction calls, addiction cries
addiction mourns her loss
and it hurts to tear away

in tears tearing i tear.
in tears tearing

i tear away.