A Poem for the Road

today i travel by plane across the country

whether by plane

whether by train

whether by ship

i enjoy the sense

of adventure

this morning i’m at O’Hare

on my way to Detroit

as i stand at my gate

gazing at my surroundings

i spot an interesting

and remarkable sight

there is a young man

seated at a table

at a coffee shop

facing the concourse

typing away

on a beautiful sky light blue


of course, i must stop by

and say  “hello”

“you know you are going to attract

a pack of tourists, banging away

on that thing like that”, i say

he smiles a broad smile,

“i hope so”, he jovially exclaims

“well write on,

you writing warrior write on”

i continue

he tells me that he is writing letters

while he awaits his flight

we talk about writing, poetry and prose

we shake hands as I depart

for it is time for me to board

as move towards the gate door

i feel tap on my shoulder

it’s the young man standing there

smiling, holding a folded paper

in his hand and saying,

Here’s a poem for the road

and I read every line as I walked

to my seat and as i sat

i read it some more

and I was pleased at the moment

of sharing