It is Peace that I Seek


Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery
because he was a dreamer

how many more dreamers
will we sell out
how many more visionaries
will we slaughter
how much more stain
can our blood soaked hands bare

just how much more death
are we willing to claim

many years ago when i was young
my peers advised me to choose violence
as a means of avenging murder
the logic was
murderers do not respond to dreams
killers do not respond to vision
force is the only weapon they will respect

i said no
i will not answer murder with murder
i will not live as a murderer
i will not die as a murderer
it seems that job is already taken anyway
by so many others

it is peace that i seek

peace versus bloody conflict
love versus mad hatred
forgiveness versus lingering resentment
knowledge versus arrogant ignorance

these are the weapons i want to live with
these are the weapons i want to die with
until the moment
when justice and judgement prevail