Musings Of A Noble Warrior

at last, i take a few vacation days

i hop on a metro train
at Brewster Station
and ride to Grand Central
i flag a taxi and ride to Penn
then i board a regional rail
and ride to Union Station
in Washington DC

i enjoy riding trains
i enjoy reflecting while i ride
i enjoy gazing at the scenes
in my window as they pass by

i read while i ride
i write while i ride
i dream while i ride

i bleed while i ride

warriors need rest too
warriors need down time

a time to let broken bones mend
a time to heal open sores
and bruised skin
a time to soothe
tension, stress and strain

a time to shed a solitary tear:

for atrocities seen
for clamor heard
for lifeless souls
their arms have held
for paths of sorrow
their soles have tread