The Stamford Arts Festival

I have been quite fortunate to run a poet’s stage at the Stamford Arts Festival in Stamford, Connecticut USA.  I just want to share it with all who follow my blog.  Your support has been an instrumental factor in my big and little successes!  Check out the event page pasted below:

Flyer 1 STMFlyer 1 STM


This work

i sit in my seat on the metro car as
my train zooms down the track speeding
in express mode as i type away with
thumbs stepping hard on a handheld pda
stepping hard as my head nods
from fatigue from rising before dawn
rising to occasion to strike down
complacency and procrastination for
i have not forgotten how to wage war nor
have i forgotten that there are conflicts
nor do i ignore that there are enemies nor
do i dwell on my pain and i do not dry my
tears for i saved my sorrow from drowning
and my cries are cries of joy for one more day to live and draw my pen from its sheath and assail ignorance, abuse and brutality for my moment of rest will one day come but until that hour this work i have engaged, this work i have embraced, this work i have taken on, this work, this work, this work just isn’t done