My Journey as a Poet – #4

A Small Grant From the State’s Art Commission

Shortly after receiving notification of my first poem being published, I received another notification. The state (South Carolina) arts commission awarded me a small grant to continue my work and to attend the Atlanta Arts Festival in Atlanta, Georgia.

Off I went to Atlanta from Columbia, South Carolina. I headed west driving my white, with blue leather top, 1980 Oldsmobile Royale on interstate 20. I was nervous and excited. This would be the biggest art festival I ever attended.

After arrival, I checked into my hotel and made my way to the registration center, picked up my program and started making my way to every poetry reading I could. A lot more than poetry was going on but I wanted to check out the poetry scene.

I listened to poets from New York City, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and many other places. I went to many venues, some near midtown and others as far as Buckhead. Although I did not know it at the time, I was receiving an education about reading poems onstage. Little did I realize it but this experience would benefit me later. Stored in my subconscious were many lessons on “what to do” onstage and “what not to do” onstage.

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