My Little Portfolio


After a 25 year hiatus, I picked up the pen again in the Spring of 2013.  Since then it has been like riding a bike again (please pardon the cliché here but that is the best example I have).  I submitted to publishers and all my submissions were rejected.  My writing needed improvement.  My poems resembled me falling of the bike every 5 minutes.  In 2014 my poems improved but they still needed a lot of work.  I was still falling off the bike but only every 15 minutes at this point.  In 2015 I received invites to feature at poetry readings and finally, after many rejection letters, a poem of mine was published.  I was staying on the bike for long periods of time but still falling off after substantial time riding.  In the year 2016, my writing had improved but still lacked.  I went several months without an acceptance letter though I had submitted to many literary magazines and journals.  A poetry blog finally picked up my work in the fall.  I noticed that my writing was taking a turn.  My approach was different.  My flow was different.  I began to cut out unnecessary words and phrases from my words.  Anything that looked like a cliche was removed.  I began to use –sort of a — narrative approach in my flow.  In 2017, the acceptance letters starting flowing.  I was staying on the bike.  I still fall off, however, but these days I fall off after miles of riding.  My little portfolio of published poems is growing.  Check it out below:

“I Be A Bad Dude” – Catalyst Magazine

“The Ways of Peace” – Burningword Literary Journal

“District Social” – DineAndRhyme Blog

“Some Big Dogs of the Street” – Mad Gleam Press

“The Cold War Games” – HCE (Silhouette Press)

“In Memory of Forgotten Atrocities” – great weather for Media

“Winter Continues” – Straylight Literary Magazine

“Although I Should Not Have To”  – Burningword Literary Journal

My portfolio is small compared to some of my friends and peers but it is growing.  Thanks for all of your support in this poetic journey!  I’m looking forward to more in the future.  By the way, take a look at the some of these journals, presses in my list.  You will find some good writing in them and perhaps an opportunity to submit your own work to them as well. (note:  exception is Catalyst Magazine…it is no longer in print).