Back to Back Poetry Events in April

Back to Back Poetry Events

I am fortunate to be a participant in back to back poetry events during April National Poetry Month. I’m highlighting 2 of them in this post.

2 events, back to back weekends, the first event is in Brooklyn on Saturday, April 7th and the second event is in Chappaqua, NY on Friday, April 13.

Feel free to choose one nearest to you -or- if you are in a very poetic mood for National Poetry Month you may choose both!


Saturday, April 7th I am one of many featured artists at InspiredWordNYC’s 8 Year Anniversary in Brooklyn! Click the link for more info:


Friday, April 13 I am hosting National Poetry Month at the elegant Chappaqua Station Cafe. You take either the northbound or southbound Metro North Harlem line to Chappaqua, step off the train right at the cafe! Click the link below for more info:

Whichever one you choose, I look forward to seeing you there!