“So Jerry?”

So Jerry?

“So Jerry, tell me about the train ride from Grand Central to Chappaqua. I want to go to National Poetry Month @ Chappaqua Station!”

“It’s easy-peasy my friend! On Friday, you can take the 5:44pm train and in 46 minutes you will be there by 6:30pm. Open Mic sign up starts up 6:45pm.”

“If a 6:30pm arrival is too early there is a 5:49pm, a 6:10pm, a 6:13pm and a 6:25pm all of which are an average 45 minute ride.”

“Ok Jerry, how about the return?”

“We end National Poetry Month @Chappaqua Station at 9:30pm. The next train to Grand Central is at 9:46pm. Trains leave every half hour up until past midnight therefore you can leave after the event or before it ends”

“Thank you, Jerry! So tell me about the event again”

“Well my friend, I have talked to much already. For more info just click the link below:”