Time for a Station Break!

Time for a Station Break!

The month of April has been quite eventful for me! Firstly, it was National Poetry Month and i was quite thrilled to feature at 3 events, host 1 Spoken Word Poetry event and post daily Haiku on my blog and FB pages! I had a great time!

I notice that broadcast stations take a break from programming for a season. Shows will air during the spring, break for summer then return in the fall.

I am adopting a similar practice. I will take a break from daily blog posting in May in order to rest and give more time to family and the day job (day jobs require a lot of personal time these days).

I will return in June when I host a Poets Stage at the Norwalk Arts Festival! I am also being considered to read at a popular venue in Greenwich Village! Look for daily posts again starting June 1st. Until then I will only post weekly in Wednesday mornings!

Thanks to all for reading and responding to my daily posts this spring season!