Thoughts About Service

This Sunday I will walk in the Komen Race for the Cure (of breast cancer). I have walked in this race every year since 2013. This work along with other things that I participate in reflect my growing attitude of service towards others. The poem below from my first chapbook speaks to that attitude:

Thoughts About Service

now that i am free

now that i am strong

i think about service

and i advise myself to

pour a cup of water for the thirsty

cut a slice of bread for the hungry

speak words of courage to the intimidated spread a cover over the bed of the weary shield the orphan from the reprehensible protect the widow from thieves and robbers

visit the hospitalized ill in their sickness

for the forgotten hold vigils of remembrance

for the abandoned help find a home

From My First Chapbook: Good Morning New Year

From my First Chapbook: Good Morning New Year

Notes on Title Fighting

(In memory of Ali)

in the middle of one serious challenge

to my pursuit of success as i follow my dreams

i finally stopped crying

i finally stopped complaining

i finally stopped sleeping

i finally stopped stressing

must change my pace in the ring

must step back lay on the ropes

and let opposition swing

let opposition swing

while i cover my head

let opposition swing

while i take blows to muscle

let opposition swing

while i deflect with strong arms

let opposition swing

while i stay on the ropes

and wait…

for my day, my hour, my minute, my moment, my round

Practice Day Two

5K practice day #2. I’m 500 feet above sea level just another 100 feet and another 3K to go. Prepping for next week’s 5K Komen Race for the Cure”. I walk to encourage support of those who suffer from breast cancer . Secondly, I walk to remember friends and family who are no longer with us. May your hearts and minds be with me when I walk next week!