Much Appreciation

Very Much Appreciation

I’m starting a short series of posts wherein I Thank all the curators of Poetry Features, Open Mic’s and more. I will do these in the order of who I met first.

First – InspiredWordNYC

I extend Gratitude and Very Much Appreciation to The Inspired Word NYC movement in New York City!

InspiredWordNYC supports many artists from many backgrounds and many genres with both features and open mic venues in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Many thanks to Mike Geffner and Marvin Medlinger for all the work they do and for the wonderful headshots —like the one attached to this post— they provide to open mic’ers and features free of charge. Michael and Marvin I salute you and keep on doing what you are doing!

To all my website, Twitter and Facebook followers: when you visit New York City make sure you check out InspiredWordNYC. Click the link below for more info: