Last Year’s Poets, Writers & Storytellers Stage!!!

More pics from the LAST YEAR’S 2018 Poets, Writers & Storytellers Stage at the 2018 Norwalk Art Festival!

Appearing in the Pics in order

Last Year’s Poets Stage Tent

Ed Ahern, Poet & Author- Fairfield CT

Mark Saba, Poet, Author…New Haven CT

Crowd light at the Onset

Vincent Bell, Poet – Ardsley NY

Mary G. Dembeck, Gabi Coatsworth

Crowd size on the uptick

Leslie C. Feller, Storyteller, CT

Leslie and Gabi, storytelling

The crowd thickens

Janet Krauss, Poet – Bridgeport CT

Take us there Janet, take us there

Seth Bienstock, Poet – Fairfield CT

After the program is over, we packed up and went home

Last year was a blast! We are looking for an encore on Saturday. Saturday’s programs are outlined below:

The Poets, Writers and Storytellers Stage returns to the 2019 Norwalk Art Festival!!!

Lockwoood-Matthews Mansion, Norwalk CT

Mathews Park, 295 West Ave

Norwalk, Connecticut 06850

FREE Event


PROGRAM ONE: 11:00AM to 1:30PM

PROGRAM TWO: 2:30PM to 5:00PM


PROGRAM ONE – 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Jerry T Johnson, Poet — Host

— Laurel Peterson, Poet Laureate – Norwalk, Connecticut (2016-2019)

— Van Hartmann, Poet – Norwalk, Connecticut

— Janet Krauss, Poet – Bridgeport, Connecticut

— January Nicole Wilson, Poet – Fairfield, Connecticut

— Maria Lisellia, Poet Laureate Borough of Queens, New York

— Wayne Russell Poet – Connecticut (reading work of the late Gil Fagiani)

— John F McMullen, Poet Laureate, Town of Yorktown, NY – Jefferson Valley, New York

— Chachanna Simpson, Poet, Storyteller -Norwalk, Connecticut

— Mary Keating, Poet – Connecticut

— Bill Hayden, Poet Laureate Norwalk, Connecticut

PROGRAM TWO – 2:30PM – 5:00PM

Jerry T Johnson, Poet — Host

—Jack Powers, Poet – Fairfield, Connecticut

—Tarn Granucci, Poet Laureate Emeritus, Wallingford, Connecticut

—Chris Middleton, Poet – Connecticut

—Lynne Grobsky, Poet, Balladeer – Wallingford, Connecticut

—LG Neddy Smith, Poet, Spoken Word, Recording Artist/Musician, – Norwalk,

—Vincent Bell, Poet – Ardsley, New York

—Alison McBain, Poet, Author, Editor – Fairfield Connecticut

—Ed Ahern, Poet and Author – Fairfield Connecticut

—Shanna Melton, Poet/Painter/Art Consultant – Bridgeport, Connecticut

The Poets, Writers & Storytellers Stage will be an all day extravaganza of poetry and prose!

You can stop by and listen to the morning session, then check out the artists booths at the festival, grab a bite to eat and return to the stage to hear some more!

There will be features reading the day away and you will find a remarkable variety of readings and performance poetry throughout!

Jerry T Johnson, Poet : Organizer and Host