Charlotte to New York – Epilogue

Charlotte to New York – Epilogue

Last call for food and drink in the dining car was made in Trenton, New Jersey. A few of us are well past 12 hours of train riding. I’m still in the dining car. I’m still typing with my thumbs. The EarPods replaced my over the ear headphones. My battery ran out. They’re still charging. My battery for writing is running out as well. There are still a few people left in the dining car, all typing on something. Some typing on smartphones like me. Some typing on laptops. It’s peaceful, quiet and the space is half empty giving us typists plenty elbow room to type whatever we want to type.

I wonder what the others are typing about. I know, none of my business. Just curious. I know, curiosity kills cats, no matter how cool they think they are. Okay, I will leave it alone. In any case, this is a nice way to end today’s trip. We have left Newark, Jersey and soon we will pass the meadowlands. It will be too dark to see them tonight. I can imagine them.

I keep listening to “Get Down. The live version, Ohh Yeah, Yeah. Soon I will be staring at the Empire State Building as I make my way from Penn Station to Grand Central. I’ll just go straight up 34th, turn left at Park. My bags are light and the entire trip is just a one mile journey. Because I read and blogged the entire trip, the ride seemed much less than 14 hours. I enjoyed it all. Ohh Yeah. Ohh Yeah. Ohh Yeah. Ohh Yeah.