Charlotte to New York – Part IV

Charlotte to New York – Part IV

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“On to Richmond…” was the slogan printed by an impatient Horace Greeley in the early days of the civil war. Well right now we are approaching Richmond and we are not in the least impatient. We are enjoying the ride.

Listening to Eric Burden sing “Get Down” as we roll into the station. Entire families board. It is Thanksgiving week in the U.S. Mother’s dragging reluctant sons, daughters and husbands down the aisle trying to find spots where they can sit together. Kids on school break carrying luggage, lunch and laundry. “Make a friend day on the train. Move those bags off the seats and make room for oncoming passengers”, exclaims the conductor. “Ohhh Yeah, Yeah” sings Eric and the band.

“All aboard”, sings the conductor and onward to our next stop we go.