Charlotte to New York – Part V

Charlotte to New York – Part V

Quantico Creek looks so silent and so serious. Just like the bureau grads right around the corner, it seems to stand still in the sunlight wearing sunglasses and a conservative gray wool suit.

I hit the repeat button on my music playlist, Eric Burden again, oh yeah, yeah. Washington D.C. isn’t very far away now. I’m in the dining car. “Sorry about making you work on a Sunday, Frank” said the lady with the gold rimmed glasses. She was seated right next to the service counter yapping away. “I think the disaster recovery test was a disaster Frank. We need to pull everybody into a meeting tomorrow and do a post mortem on this.” She stopped to inhale. “I don’t care if it is Thanksgiving week. All hands on deck, Frank.”

Poor Frank, I think to myself. I move my eyes to the service counter of the dining car. The dining car manager is taking the credit card of a patron. “That will be ten dollars and fifty cents sir”, she said as she removed the cheeseburger from the microwave and plopped it in the cardboard carry tray. After she slid the can of beer into the beverage slot, she turned to the register, swiped the man’s credit card, turned back, laid the receipt on the counter and gave the man a pen. “Sign please”, she said, smiling.

My attention turns to a young lady holding her baby in her arms in front of her as she bounces up and down in a little dance. She sings, “When ya happy and ya know it, clap your hands, when ya happy and ya know it clap your hands”. The little baby moves his hand a little, lets out a little giggle and smiles. Eric Burden and the band sings, “Ohhh Yeah Yeah. Ohhh Yeah Yeah”. Oh Yeah.

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