Why is everything crafted these days? Nothing is “made” anymore.

Everything is crafted. There are craft beers —at the top of the list, mind you. You look at a list of twenty five craft beers and you are overwhelmed. Some have really cool names like Fat Belly Duck, Short Tailed Dog, Skinny Whiny Rooster and so on. Of course I made up all the names listed in the last line but you get my drift.

“Pardon me bartender, is the Fat Belly Duck a lager, an ale, an IPA?”

“How the hell should I know?”, reply the more gruff bartenders.

“Sweety-or Boss- there are twenty five of these craft beers in the list, too many for me to be an expert on. Would you like to sample one?”, reply the kinder ones.

After sampling your fifth or sixth you start feeling confused and quite tipsy.

I propose that craft beers come with warning labels like : “taste just like a lager”, “gives ale a bad name”, “you will hop”, “like an Austrian Kangaroo”, “there are no Kangaroos in Austria my dear” and so on and on.

So back to where I started, today we label everything “craft” or “crafted”.

There are craft soups —what happened to homemade soups?

There are craft salads—what happened to house salads and Caesar salads?

There are craft meatloafs, what happened to plain meatloaf glazed with ketchup. I love ketchup.

Craft and crafty are fine but let’s not forget the concepts of: good old fashioned, down home, made from the heart and homemade—or is this really the point that the term “craft” is trying to make?