A Moment to Myself

A Moment to Myself

I rarely get a lot of time to sightsee during business travel. Once, when I was on assignment for a project in the Chicago area, I worked 9 days straight without a day off.

Day10 was a Sunday and I thought about going into town to watch a guy walk a tightrope from the top of the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) to the top of another skyscraper. I didn’t go. I wasn’t in the mood for the crowd plus I was tired. I just wanted to sit, chill, ponder, eat and go to bed. I would be right back on the manufacturing plant floor the very next day, starting up another 5 to 7 day work journey.

Most times, that is the nature of business travel. Sometimes, however, I get a moment to myself. It is 5pm. I knock off early and head to my hotel. Sunset isn’t until six. I change shoes, remove my blazer and throw on my gym clothes. I lock my laptop in the safe, leave my room, take the elevator downstairs and head out the door. The bay that sits at the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico is only five blocks away. As I walk, I think: Good afternoon Sarasota! Good to finally hang out with you. It’s good to take a moment to myself.