Birthday Homage to Mas!

I am very honored to be invited to read at the Birthday Homage to Thomas (Mas) Walker, Poet!

I will read one of Mas’ poems titled “Train”and time permitting I may read my own poem, also titled “Train”.

Come out and hear 27 poets (including little ol’ me) as we pay homage to Mas at:


A Birthday Poetry Party Trip Around the Sun

Sunday, February 9th

Doors open 5:00 PM

Show starts 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Kraine Theatre, 85 E 4th Street

New York, New York (East Village)

Cake & Pizza Poetry Party

$5 Admission

Hosted by Jennifer Juneau and Company


Valery Oisteanu, David Henderson, Big Mike Logan, Dorothy Friedman, Buttered Roll, Jeff Wright, Jerry Johnson, Nancy Mercado, Zev Torres, Gitesha Diana Hernandez, Puma Perl, Annie Lanzillotto, Matthew Hupert, Robert Gibbons, Mitch Corber, Danny Shot, Erik Richmond, Helixx C. Armageddon, Sarah Sarai, Meghan Grupposo, Ama Birch, Eugene Ring, Evie Ivy, Phillip Giambri, Ilka Scobie, Jennifer Juneau, Thomas Walker