Day #14

Day #14

Update on my 50 day writing journey!

There are 14 days left in this 50 day writing journey. I have produced a lot of material and when to 50 days are over, I plan to put the manuscript on the shelf and just let it sit a spell.

This methodology may put my publication date past Spring. Nonetheless, I must let it sit. It may sit for a week or it may sit for a month but it must sit and I need to forget about it.

When I pick up the manuscript again, I will look at it with fresh eyes. I will cut out word flab, add clarity to vague stanzas, and sprinkle punctuation where necessary.

I could rush to produce a product by end of Spring, but I have learned the necessity of patience in my writing endeavors. I write and let the work sit. After a certain period, I pick it up again, I edit and I let it sit again. This cycle repeats itself until I realize I have run out of editing ideas. At that point I send it to an editor for review or I send it to a publisher, who may edit it once more if they decide to publish it.

So now, that is my plan. See you in 14 days.