Next Poem

Next Poem

I’ve put my poem “My First Day Flying” on the shelf for now. I’m editing the next poem now. It’s title: LACKLAND.

A book is formulating. In order, next potential poem titles are:

-Sergeant Smalls & Billy Jack

⁃ Sergeant French

⁃ Inspection

⁃ Guard Duty

⁃ The Firing Range

⁃ The Blasting Caps

⁃ The Alamo

⁃ I Did Not Rob The BX

⁃ Ali versus Foreman

⁃ The Dells

⁃ I’m Going to Fail That IFR Test

⁃ Orders

⁃ Red Versus Sea Dog (already written)

⁃ I Do Not Dare Divulge (first appeared in HCE’s Classified issue