Only We Can Help Prevent ZOOM BOMBING!!!

Only We Can Help Prevent ZOOM Bombing

I’m reminded of the Smokey the
Bear commercial from years past:

“Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires”

I want to start a campaign:

“Only We Can Help Prevent Zoom Bombing”

Social Distancing will be around for a while. I expect we will need to interact over social media venues for poetry events. This includes Zoom and I wouldn’t be surprised if hackers found a way to infiltrate other Cloud Venues as well.

I have hosted 5 events online. I was bombed only once. I implemented several principles for hosting a meeting on ZOOM and I was successful after that. But I know the Zoom-bomber “Empire Strikes Back.” Therefore,

We (curators and attendees) Can Help Prevent ZOOM Bombing!

Here’s how we can help:

A.) Curators can use a registration system. Email list or Eventbrite. (I use both) if the name is not on the list, they cannot enter.

B.) Attendees, please use the registration process. If needed, ask friends (who use registration) for help.

C.) When logging on to the ZOOM event, try to use the name that you registered with.

D.) Try not to share the ZOOM link. Send everyone to registration.

E.) Hold practice sessions (preferably not 5 minutes before an event) with your friends, your family members & your poetry peers

F.) to the ZOOM Bombers, who somehow, got their hands on this post – May Your Empire Come Down!!! In the meantime, go and social distance yourself somewhere off the planet or Preferably OFFLINE!!!

Friends – Only We Can Help Prevent ZOOM Bombing!!!