Notes From My Writing Experience

Notes From My Writing Experience

I track what I submit in a spreadsheet whose design I borrowed from an old edition of Writers Market. Over time I tweaked the format, customizing it to my specific needs.

The picture you see is an example of how I track my submissions. I usually estimate that most publishers will respond favorably to my submissions within 60 days after submission deadline. If I receive no response within 80 days, I consider it “rejected”. Why? I have never received an acceptance for any submission that has aged past 62 days.
I mark these aged submissions as “no response” and I filter them out of my list.

I am not a writing expert. There are 11,001 writers who qualified to be listed in P&W. Out of that list I am ranked #11,001. There are, probably, another 10,000 well known writers who are not in that directory. That makes my ranking about #20,001. Nonetheless, I have experience on being published and I want to share my tools and my experience with you.

Look for more posts about what I have experience as a writer in the near future.

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  1. Lovely way to use data to assist your craft. Am indeed interested to see what you have to share in the coming days, because as a writer myself, I could really use a more organised way to track my submissions.

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