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One week after all business travel was cancelled
All corporate division headquarter offices closed
Meetings and conferences formerly, solely dependent
upon physical presence of a quorum of attendees
were rapidly moved to the electronic venue of teleconferencing

Teleconferencing was not brand, new technology to me
I used it a lot for several years during projects while on the road
Teleconferencing was new for many other people
This included colleagues, friends, school teachers
judges, lawyers,students, parents, and the list goes on and on.

So it was at the beginning, everybody adopted teleconferencing
But the adaptation was fraught with problems
at the start
Teleconferencing bombers terrorized virtual audiences
It mattered not whether kids or adults were watching
Nor did it matter for the elderly or for religious services

Racist invective, material inappropriate for minors,
and more was aimed and launched onto innocent programming
Many schools fled from many teleconferencing brands
Other organizations scrambled to implement security measures
Nonetheless, many found ways to overcome the bombers

By summer, teleconferencing fever became a thang
Some were teleconferencing all day for their day jobs
After the day jobs were over they were teleconferencing
at night for family and virtual event after virtual event
No doubt some needed therapy and medication

Teleconferencing fever led to teleconferencing fatigue
People began to turn off the camera during the daytime calls
because they were tired of the lens staring at them
Some began to limit after-work events they attended
as pandemic fatigue set in so did fatigue of teleconferencing

Now that announcements for vaccines are heard and
daily, morning, noon, nightly news carry the stories
Anticipation builds for face-to-no-mask-face engagements
When that moment comes will the age of teleconferencing
slowly conclude, disappear, become a fad that ran its course?

I think it will still be around. A lot of people think it will be gone. We will see.


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