My Travels. No. 14

Pic 1

My Travels #14

I took a 12 hour train from New York City to Charlotte, North Carolina. I rode in a private car, therefore I could remove my mask as long as I kept my door closed. Private car tickets are at bargain prices if you ride on holidays.

I loved the ride. The steward (not my words, that’s what they called themselves) brought my meals and beverages to me and turned down my seat into a bed so I could sleep (I actually fit in the bed and I’m 6 feet 4).

What amused me though was my private toilet -see pic 1. That was the first thing other passengers and I saw when we boarded. We all laughed and we all —took pictures!

Nonetheless, we could close the cover of the private toilet and hide it away from our sight. See pic 2. There is a private sink too but it too has a cover. Once I closed it and the toilet up, I was able to thoroughly enjoy the long ride.