Blog Break Will Soon Be Over

My blog break will soon be over!  I have been working on a short story to send to a publisher.  This is my second time going after short stories.  I tried this time last year  and failed miserably.    One friend who edited for me gave me a glimmer of hope.  She pointed out a section of the story that was very good and told me I needed to do more of what I did in that section throughout the entire story.  I thought about what she wrote in the editing comments.  I asked myself, “what was I thinking of when I wrote this section?”  One thing seemed to stand out:  patience.  I seemed to be relaxed and I seemed to be patient during the write up if that section where I showed the reader what went on in the room rather than tell the reader what went on.  I will try that short story again and send it to the publisher by November 30th.  After that…more blog posts!!!