My Published Work

My poem, “The Ways of Peace” was published in Issue #77 of The Burningword Literary Journal.

The Ways of Peace

(“Reprinted with the permission of Burningword Literary Journal)

–dedicated to the memory of Gandhi and King

wage a war of peace
a war of peaceful ways
a war of peaceful means

let violence be validation of violent
let murder be mandate of murderers
let blood continually stain
bloody, blood soaked hands
but let conquerors wage war by means of peace

wage a war of peace
a war of peaceful ways
a war of peaceful means

let reputations of courageous be reputations of peace
let legacies of brave be legacies of peace
let ways of wise be peaceful ways
let days of strong be peaceful days

to the end so it is to always seek

let violent be violent
let murderers be murderous
let clamorers clamoring conflict clamor

but let wise, let strong, let brave,
let courageous champion
the ways of peace

A Poem for the Road

Many Thanks and Much Appreciation to Phillip Giambri and Editors for accepting my poem, “A Poem for the Road”, for publication in Rimes of the Ancient Mariner Anthology!  It is an honor to have my work published in the anthology alongside the work of many other excellent poets and writers.

You can check out the “Ancient Mariner” web link below:



Notes on Title Fighting



in the middle
of one serious

to my pursuit
of success as i
follow my dreams

i finally stopped crying
i finally stopped complaining
i finally stopped sleeping
i finally stopped stressing

must change my pace
in the ring
must step back
lay on the ropes
and let opposition swing

let opposition swing
while i cover my head
let opposition swing
while i take blows to muscle
let opposition swing
while i deflect with strong arms

let opposition swing
while i stay on the ropes

and wait…

for my day, my hour, my minute, my moment, my round


“Notes On Title Fighting” and many other poems can be read in “Good Morning New Year”