My Journey as a Poet (post #2)


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My first Published Poem:  “i be a bad dude”

After my little dust-up with the young man who was cussing at his parents I went home. When I waked into my apartment I felt like an emotional wreck. I felt wired and I felt intense. I plopped down on my little short sofa, picked up my leather bound portfolio that I used for writing and I wrote. In finished a poem in fifteen minutes. The title was “I Be A Bad Dude”. I was not writing a rant but I was pouring my intensity onto the page. I channeled my rage into rationale and i stated my case in between the lines of my poem. Here it is:

(Acknowledgement: this poem appeared in Catalyst Magazine in 1992)

i be a bad dude

i a bad dude
i real slick, smooth and rude

i cuss my mother
i shoot my father
slaps my sister
and spits on my brother

i a bad dude

when my women give me lip
i go upsides they head
and if they don’t shut they trap
they finds themselves dead

i a bad dude

i don’t work for no black man
i don’t work for no white man
i don’t feed no babies
i don’t make no monthly payments
i don’t go to school
and i don’t care about no rules
cause i’m fine, slick, crude and rude
i’s be chillin cause i’s a bad dude

My Journey as a Poet

The Beginning of My Journey as a Poet – part 1

I took writing poetry seriously in the summer of 1992 and by early fall one of my poems, “I Be a Bad Dude” was published by Catalyst Literary magazine.

The writing and the preparation prior to receiving the acceptance letter marked the beginning of my journey as a poet. 

During that summer of ’92, I wrote and wrote and wrote poetry.  One of those summer nights I walked into my little apartment in the throes of rage.  I’d just finished confronting a young man who was disrespecting his parents by cussing in their presence and threatening violence towards them.  I intervened and we went to blows.  No one lost.  No one won but after we both rose up from the floor, he walked away just like a bully does when confronted.  

(to be continued next post..,)

“My Journey as a Poet” is the series I plan to blog about during this Summer’s posting season,