After the Celebrations!

After the Celebrations

Ok, I just had a book published by a publisher. I have celebrated with my friends and with family. What next?

I’m reminded of watching a television show one night where a new writer had finished his first book and spent an awfully excessive amount of time talking about it.

A veteran writer invited him to a poker game. At that game was James Patterson and Michael Connolly. They grilled him a little. Michael Connolly asked him,

“Do you know what I did after my first book was published?”

The young writer answered, “No, I do not.”

Connolly replied, “I shut up and started on my next book.”

So friends and fam, Thanks for all the Likes and Hugs and Loves and Congrats!

But now it is time for me to shut up and work on my next book! (already in progress)

Thanks For The Reviews!!!

Thanks For The Reviews

I would like to thank: Laurel Peterson, Jane Ormerod & Caitlin Jans for reviewing the manuscript of my book: POETS SHOULD NOT WRITE ABOUT POLITICS and writing lovely reviews for the back cover! Take a look at their write-ups.

by Jerry T Johnson

Winner of the 2020 Sinclair Poetry Prize


Just click the link below for pre-order:

Next Poem

Next Poem

I’ve put my poem “My First Day Flying” on the shelf for now. I’m editing the next poem now. It’s title: LACKLAND.

A book is formulating. In order, next potential poem titles are:

-Sergeant Smalls & Billy Jack

⁃ Sergeant French

⁃ Inspection

⁃ Guard Duty

⁃ The Firing Range

⁃ The Blasting Caps

⁃ The Alamo

⁃ I Did Not Rob The BX

⁃ Ali versus Foreman

⁃ The Dells

⁃ I’m Going to Fail That IFR Test

⁃ Orders

⁃ Red Versus Sea Dog (already written)

⁃ I Do Not Dare Divulge (first appeared in HCE’s Classified issue

Literary Plans

My Next Literary Tasks

Since I’m away from my house and due to a serious looking storm approaching, I’m stuck at a safe place that practices social distancing very, very well — therefore, I may as well share my next literary plans with my friends:

Post Video Compilation of yesterday’s Poets, Writers & Storytellers of Norwalk Art Festival

  • tomorrow morning

Finish my epic poem (9 pages long) – title: My First Day Flying” submit it to Rattle’s annual contest- you never know

– by July 15th

I’ve decided on my next book. After polling my friends for feedback – Thanks for the Yeas and Nays. Based upon the feedback, the title:
“Poets Should Not Write About Politics”
Yes. I’m going there.

– by July 31st

That’s enough for right now!

Blogging Time Again!

I just finished the first draft of a poem titled “My First Day Flying”. The work is nine pages long —when printed out on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper. The poem is about the time I pissed off my high school counselors and signed up for the military, just when before the draft ended. Parts of this piece just might be hilarious or it may be as boring as a crumbling rusted nail. I doubt if any publisher would take a piece like this on, but who knows. In any case, I enjoy writing the piece. It is new territory for a poem. Either it will be like Miles new method of music heard around the world or it will be like Milli Vanilli’s FLOP heard round the world! I’m fastening my seatbelt. We’ll see!

A Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview

This is just a sneak preview of my new chapbook , scheduled to be released late Spring:


it is February

January’s snow is melted

reservoir ice too thin for skating

the ice fishers watch morning television

thousands of brown leaves cover

the banks and the mounds

naked trees sleep with no blanket

and there is no morning frost

only rain, splatters against sills,

panes, windshields gray as

the day, somber as a warm winter

we miss the fall of snowflakes

To be continued, end of sneak preview…