I am honored to be named one of the Co-Hosts of great weather for Media’s Spoken Word Sunday’s weekly poetry series at the Parkside Lounge.

I appreciate being considered for the role and I so look forward to the work.

I will host once a month starting April 5th. More to come.

In the meantime, check out my BIO on the great weather for Media – About Page:

for more info about great weather for Media click the link below to their website!

Jerry T. Johnson, Featured

Jerry T. Johnson, Poet

will be featuring at:

Rick Eckerle’s Tue Night Live “Undead”

Lady Stardust

25 Ave. A & E. 2nd Street

East Village

New York, NY

Tuesday Night, January 21st

7pm – midnight (Music & Poetry see schedule below)


Open Mic

No Cover

2 Drink Minimum – alcohol or non/alcohol

Donation Bucket passed – $2 or more

Schedule and Link to FB Event Page:

7:30-8:30.. Open Mic

8:30 ArchAngels

9:10..Feature Poet Jerry Johnson

9:30. Feature Songwriter Gary Van Miert

10:15 Feature Poet Prince McNally

10:30 Paul Jay

11pm Jeff Dennis

11:30 ArchAngels & ” Alphabet City Limits” Flyin Finale Squad ..

I Remember the 1970 Knicks

After seeing the New York Knicks in the news this week:

David Fizdale fired: Knicks fire coach after 4–18 start – Sports Illustrated. I decided to write this poem:

I Remember the 1970 Knicks

it was May eighth, nineteen seventy
our little black and white television
blankly stared at my brother and i
we sat we turned staring at each other

Okay, I’ll turn it on”, i said, i stand up
i take three steps, turn on the power
i return to my seat, we stare hopefully
will it turn on this time? please turn on

we named our television ‘sometimey”
sometimes it would power up and work
unfortunately, most times it would not
and tonight was special; it had to work

it was game seven NBA championship
the Los Angeles Lakers were playing
against the New York Knickerbockers
Madison Square Garden in the city

to our surprise, wonder and glee
our little black and white TV was on
and we were on— I adjusted the hanger
a clothes hanger subbed for our antenna

my brother pulled for the Knicks
i was a Lakers fan, loved Wilt and West
my brother loved Reed, who was injured
haha, my team was destined to win

the speakers on my little tube vibrated
i was in shock at sound from the crowd
pre game Madison Square Garden rocked
my brother smiled, i waxed concerned

suddenly, out of the tunnel Reed appears
dressed to play, the cheers the crowd
my television speakers cry and dance
my brother grins, my forehead creases

tip off, Knicks ball, a hobbling Reed scores
the crowd is insane my brother jumps up
i sit, I feel sweat forming beneath my Afro
have the Lakers and i just lost our nerve

Reed leaves but he was quite symbolic
at that point i meet a man named Frazier
a few feet past half court he posts
he aims at the basket, he scores

he scores the same way over and over again i stand and scream stop him
no one in the garden hears me I’m angry
my brother, falling to the floor, is laughing

game over, Frazier thirty six points
injured Reed, most valuable player
my brother is happy, i look at him
i smiled then and i smile now as

i wish for better days for the Knicks again

#sports #knicks #jerrytjohnsonpoet

National Poetry Month @ Chappaqua Station

National Poetry Month @ Chappaqua Station – Epilogue

National Poetry Month at Chappaqua Station was a great success! Despite the rain we had a good turnout! Our features were amazing, our Open Mic was fabulous. Our host and his staff were superb in setting up and arranging the layout of the venue!

A Hearty, Hearty Thank You and Appreciation to:

Our Host: Peter and Erin Chase & their staff members: Daisy and Brian

The Open Mic Participants and Audience Members

Last but definitely not least Our Features:

Bill Buschel, Vincent Bell, Laurel S. Peterson, Van Hartmann & Jane Ormerod

Please enjoy a few pics taken during event

My Organization

My Organization

Let me introduce the staff of my organization: Jerry T Johnson, Poetry

Founder – Jerry T Johnson

Treasurer – Jerry T Johnson

Marketing Head – Jerry T Johnson

Program Director – Jerry T Johnson

Production Mgr. – Jerry T Johnson

Receptionist – Jerry T Johnson

Admin Assistant – Jerry T Johnson

Table/Chairs Setup – Jerry T Johnson

Doorman – Jerry T Johnson

Usher – Jerry T Johnson

Host – Jerry T Johnson

Table/Chairs Breakdown – Jerry T Johnson

Janitor – Jerry T Johnson

And you know what, I enjoy it all! But as I grow, i plan to fill these positions with others at a later time.

Much Appreciation

Very Much Appreciation

I’m starting a short series of posts wherein I Thank all the curators of Poetry Features, Open Mic’s and more. I will do these in the order of who I met first.

First – InspiredWordNYC

I extend Gratitude and Very Much Appreciation to The Inspired Word NYC movement in New York City!

InspiredWordNYC supports many artists from many backgrounds and many genres with both features and open mic venues in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Many thanks to Mike Geffner and Marvin Medlinger for all the work they do and for the wonderful headshots —like the one attached to this post— they provide to open mic’ers and features free of charge. Michael and Marvin I salute you and keep on doing what you are doing!

To all my website, Twitter and Facebook followers: when you visit New York City make sure you check out InspiredWordNYC. Click the link below for more info:

The Cold War Games

“The Cold War Games” by Jerry T Johnson first appeared in Here Comes Everyone (HCE – Silhouette Press) 2017 Online Edition “Toys and Games”.

Jerry T Johnson shares this piece during his January 2019 feature at the NeuroNautic Instititute Presents event in the East Village NYC

this clip is 1 minute & 40 seconds long

For more about Here Comes Everyone visit:

For more about Jerry T Johnson visit:

@jtjpoetry – Facebook

@jtjohn3 – Twitter