Good Morning New Year: A New Dawn

Good Morning New Year: A New Dawn

This Fall I plan to relaunch my first poetry chapbook “Good Morning New Year “.

The title of the relaunched edition is “Good Morning New Year: A New Dawn”

I’m excited about the new material that I have prepared for this edition. I will be posting tidbits about it periodically. More to come soon!

Break Time

The last 3 months – April, May, June- have been filled with poetry events I curated, events wherein I featured. I finished 4 poems and submitted them to Rattle, Narrative and Cincinnati Review. One of the pieces was over 90 lines long. Now it is time for a break. I will spend time reading, taking care of some personal business and tending to my veggie garden. I will be offline for a while but you will see me at literary venues from time to time.