My Journey as a Poet – #3

Our So-Called “Great Poems”

After receiving notification from Catalyst magazine that my poem “I Be A Bad Dude”, I was both enthralled and perplexed. I was enthralled over having a poem from my first submission to a magazine being selected for publication. I was perplexed over the question of why hadn’t the magazine selected “my great poems” that I sent in the same package.

I laugh every time I think about the notion of “my great poems.” What hubris! I had not been published yet and I thought I was sending “great poems” in my first submission ever to my first publisher ever. I actually threw “I Be a Bad Dude” into the mix just to max out the submissions requirement of 1-to-5 poems. I didn’t think much of it. I wrote it in 5 minutes, edited it in 10 minutes and I was done. To my surprise the editors loved it. Now that I have learned one or two things over time and after reading it the my pre-pre-senior years I understand why. It was the great poem. The others were not.

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Thoughts About Service

now that i am free
now that i am strong
i think about service
and i advise myself to
pour a cup of water for the thirsty
cut a slice of bread for the hungry
speak words of courage to the intimidated
spread a cover over the bed of the weary
shield the orphan from the reprehensible
protect the widow from thieves and robbers
visit the hospitalized ill in their sickness
for the forgotten hold vigils of remembrance
for the abandoned help find a home

“Thoughts About Service” and many other poems can be read in “Good Morning New Year”

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Notes on Title Fighting



in the middle
of one serious

to my pursuit
of success as i
follow my dreams

i finally stopped crying
i finally stopped complaining
i finally stopped sleeping
i finally stopped stressing

must change my pace
in the ring
must step back
lay on the ropes
and let opposition swing

let opposition swing
while i cover my head
let opposition swing
while i take blows to muscle
let opposition swing
while i deflect with strong arms

let opposition swing
while i stay on the ropes

and wait…

for my day, my hour, my minute, my moment, my round


“Notes On Title Fighting” and many other poems can be read in “Good Morning New Year”

Reaching a Hilltop

i reached a hilltop today
during my journey
towards dreams realized
during my journey
towards dreams fulfilled

it was a place of reward
for all the hard work
of treading trails led
by visionaries, patriarchs,
and pioneers

it was a place of rest
for strained muscle
a place of escape
for stressed nerves

a relief for all the headaches
a solace for all the heartaches
a band for the breaks
and ice for the burns

it was a cool, calm place
where i wiped away my sweat
a room of silence
where i quieted my fears

a spot caressed by winds
where i soothed my tension
a place warmed by sunlight
where i dried my tears

as i gaze on past paths
i remember friends,
i remember family
some no longer here

i smile as i reflect
on those pleasant times
that helped me through the hard days
year after year

so i stand on this hilltop
and i peer ahead
surveying landscapes
planning paths for tomorrow

off to my next daring pursuit
off to my next phase
off to my next adventure
off to my next dream to fulfill

towards my next hilltop

i will follow

“Reaching a Hilltop” and many other poems can be read in “Good Morning New Year”