Reading Series – 1/28/2017

Today I begin the pilot of an experimental series:  “Reading to the Pots and Pans in My Kitchen”.  I read my work at public venues at least once a week.  Sometimes I read at events where I am one of the featured readers for the night and other times I read at open mics.  Most times however, I read aloud to the pots and pans in my kitchen.  Reading aloud helps me with the flow of my poem.  Reading the poem aloud often helps me catch mistakes in my poems –both grammatical and content related mistakes.

I often joke about reading to the pots, pans, utensils, etc. with my peers in the writing community.  One day I decided that I would share some of those readings on my blog.  This is a pilot.  It may not work out in the long run.  We will see.  Please feel free to comment.  The pilot will run daily until the end of next week.  Thanks for watching!  Jerry