It’s Blogging Time Again


My break is over. It is time to start my weekly blog again. I have taken a look at my blogging strategy. I did not have one when I started blogging. I began by posting poems. I also took a stab at short story writing. I kept my followers informed on literary events I attended, I advertised and posted many other miscellaneous items I thought would be of interest.

I think of strategy and purpose now. I still have neither but I have a few ideas I want to implement this time around.

First, I will reduce my posts to twice a week: Monday’s and Tuesday’s. I have a day job. Further, I also spend time writing, submitting to publishers, practicing for spoken word events and organizing events. The job and my other writing activities require a lot of my work time.  Therefore reducing my posts will help me manage my time and be consistent.

Lastly, I will establish a posting season. The commitment to a weekly schedule will be seasonal. Think of television shows. A show does not run all year. A show runs in the fall or the summer and so on. For now my posting season will be summer and winter.

None of these ideas represent anything I have read in instructional manuals nor do the ideas reflect any advice I have received. As a matter of fact these ideas are contrary to the instructions and advice I have read or received but I need to manage my writing time efficiently. I am far from being any kind of expert on the subject of blogging but I believe this approach will work for me. I will be blogging about the results in the future.

See you on the blogging pages soon.