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Coming This Winter on the Jerry T Johnson, Writer Blog:


Miscellaneous Poetry Posts (including a few repeats from 2016)
New Series: “Reading to the Pots and Pans in My Kitchen” – I will record poetry readings at my home (in my kitchen) and post periodically. Trial run.
More Posts Related to: journal acceptances, open mics, my favorite poetry venues, etc…


February will be my reading period.  Blog posts will only appear once a week during this period.

March – closing out the winter

be on the lookout for more poetry in the month of March.

From the Travel Log: My First Road Trip Part 1


“I would love to travel around the world like you do”

Like I said in my previous post, I hear that a lot.

My First Assignment

It was mid-February, 1993. I had just finished my 6 weeks of application software training. I was given my first assignment. Travel to Waltham, Massachusetts and train users on the new manufacturing software.

I was staying at a full service hotel in Stamford, Connecticut. An army of roadies from my company was also there. All of us were packing our bags and preparing to checkout. Most would join me in Waltham while others would head to downtown Boston.

After checkout I was on the road. I decided not to take 95 North. Though it was early Sunday afternoon, that route could still be congested. I would leave Stamford l, Connecticut and take 95 South. From 95 South, I would cross the New York state line and take 287 West. From 287 West I would take 684 North and pick up 84 East. It was sort of a roundabout way to go because I would end up in Connecticut again but the traffic would be light.

Traveling 84 East gave me a chance to see the Connecticut countryside. There were no leaves on the trees, therefore I would have full view of the neighborhoods and towns along the way.

Waterbury was the most interesting to me. You could clearly see most of the town center from the highway. A few steeples and spires stood out amongst the old brown and red brick buildings that adorned the streets. The terrain of the city was not plain flat. It consisted of hillsides and ridges thus adding to the charm of the town. It was not a town filled with brand new buildings. Most of the structures seemed old. It seemed like the structures were built in the 1940’s or perhaps earlier. Again, I thought this look just added to the city’s charm. Looking at it from my window reminded me of many scenes painted by Norman Rockwell.

I smiled as I kept driving on 84 East towards Hartford.

Stay tuned for my next post in this series.

From the Travel Log: More Road Drama



“I would love to travel around the world like you do”

I hear that comment a lot. I enjoy travel. It is exhilarating and exhausting. In 1992 I took a road assignment. I worked in corporate America. I worked for a Fortune 500 company. The assignment required me to transfer from my regional headquarters office in South Carolina to corporate headquarters in New York. The assignment also required a two year commitment and it was a 100% travel assignment. There was no need for me to find an apartment. I would be living in hotels while I was on the road.

“I would love to travel around the world like you do”

Like I said earlier, I hear that a lot. Look out for the next chapter in this series:

My First Assignment: The Boston Area in February!

Jerry’s Patio Garden – Flowers Bloom First, Then Comes the Fruit


This Week’s Picture:  The flowers are blooming.  It won’t be long before i see cucumbers at the end of those stems.  At least that is what I expect.  It won’t be the first time that I saw flowers and no fruit.

In the Days of my 1996 Garden

It had been nearly two weeks since the flowers, which were blooming all over the place, had fallen off and still there were no tomatoes, no melons, not much of anything.  Just a few squash and a few cucumbers here and there.  Probably had to do with the fact that the soil was not treated beforehand.  My request to start a garden came far too late to do any pre-treatment of the soil.

A Trip Into “the Woods”

After eyeing my disappointing crop one day, I decided to just take a walk into the forest area, which we referred to simply as “the woods”.  I was so disappointed, I did not check to see if I would be there along or not.  I was not on guard for any of the wild life (lizards, snakes, large moths, etc.) that terrified me.  I was generally terrifed by any critter that crawled, slithered or flew.  This afternoon I did not care.  I just walked deeper and deeper into the woods.  I walked alongside a creek that ran through the woods.  I was calmed my the rush of the water that flowed over the green, moss covered rocks.  It was a moment of peace for me as I stepped slowly across a path that was made by others.  As I walked I forgot all about my disappointment.  Bushes, reeds and ferns lined the river.  Pine trees, oak trees, and vines hanging from oak were everywhere.  I was lost in the moment but not lost in the woods.  I know the path would take me back home.  I finally remembered my garden.  Next year, I said to myself.  I saw a rotted stump of tree, about a foot tall whose roots clung to the ground.  I kicked it over, then watched the termites scurry all over the place.  I continued to kick away until I saw the reddish colored wood in the middle.  I picked up a limb that layed on the ground nearby and begin to knock away the rotted sections of the stump until the piece of reddish-orange wood stood out from the core.  Kindling, I thought.  Kindling was a great starter fuel for fires that were lit in wood burning stoves.  You could buy them from the stores that sold wood, sometimes the lumber trucks would drop off a bundle along with scrap wood from the lumber yard or sometimes you could find it in old rotted out stumps of trees.  I kicked the kindling until I heard a crack.  It was broken free.  I reached in with my hand and yanked it up.  I brushed off the dust and termites.  I smiled as I turned back to the path and headed towards home.

Stay Tuned Next Week for Jerry’s Patio Garden.