Coming From the Heart

As I sit at one of my favorite watering holes in Danbury, Connecticut I think about blogging. I feel the need to write. Like a 1960’s junkie jones-ing I feel the need to write. The paradox is: I have no clue what to write about. Therefore I try to just go with my gut and come from the heart. I just sent a batch of poems to 15 publishers. While I wait for the results I focus on forgetting about that batch and I start on my next project.

There was a time when I watched the postal mailbox and the electronic mailbox for responses from publishers. When I employed that approach all I felt was heartache. Heartache was a result of watching the mailbox daily and finding it empty 80% of the time. Heartache resulted when 100% of the poems were rejected.

When I started forgetting about the submissions and focused on planning the next project the results changed. I experienced less heartache because my mind was immersed in the next venture. I didn’t have time to think about what I submitted and who I submitted it to. I focused on developing my work. I focused on content. I focused on honing my skills and most important to me I focused on paying attention to my heart and what it was yearning for me to put on page.

When I changed my focus, my results changed. Letters in my mailbox began with “Congratulations…”. My emails began with “You have been shortlisted…”.

Life as a poet had changed to the point where I felt comfortable calling myself a poet. I still receive rejection letters but that’s alright. Now, however, after submitting a batch of poems to publishers I immediately turn my mind to my next project. I return to the practice of honing my skills. Who knows, I may just be pleasantly surprised with an email greeting me with “Congratulations!” and “You have just been shortlisted”.

The 5 O’Clock Rush

The 5 O’Clock Rush

foot to pedal
pedal to metal
steering wheel gripped
destiny awaits at my goal

focused on destiny
competitors in every lane
weaving and keeping
my eyes on the road

weary from the dogfight
as sharp pains emanate
from bruises incurred
from a dog eat dog world

got to stay awake
got to pay attention
got t keep my foot steady
my mind on where I’m going

foot to pedal
pedal to metal
steering wheel gripped
destiny awaits at my goal