When I strike the ground
With my pick axe
The ground does not yield


My strike is weak because
Of heavy weights laid on my shoulders
My strike is weak because
Of competing interests not synced with mine
My strike is weak because
Of my own negligence to prepare

My strength

Back to fundamentals of readiness
Back to fundamentals of discipline
Back to fundamentals of listening
Back to fundamentals of hearing
Back to fundamentals of feeling
Back to fundamentals of looking
Back to fundamentals of seeing

I go

Just Two Weeks Away!

My feature is just 2 weeks away!

I, along with poet Shanna Melton, will be featured in the Norwalk’s Poets in Conversation series at the Norwalk Public Library, Norwalk, Connecticut on Thursday, October 6th, 7pm- 8:30pm. The feature will hosted by Laurel Peterson, Poet Laureate of Norwalk. The feature will consist of Shanna and I reading our poetry and then a conversation between the poets will be moderated by Laurel!

Select this link for more info pertaining to the feature as well as info about other great poetry events!


If you are in the general area, stop by for a wonderful night of poetry, prose and conversation.

Norwalk is easy to reach from many points in Connecticut and New York via the Metro North New Haven line as well as easily accessible by car via interstate 95.

Stay tuned. More information will be provided as the feature date approaches!



what do i feel
when i hear
my favorite song

i think of majesty
i think of triumph
i think of thrones

born poor,
don’t mention silver spoons
more like no spoons at all

no spoons, no pacifier
no bottle, no formula
only milk from a loving mother’s breast

fed me and made me strong

i think of majesty
i think of triumph
i think of thrones

we moved
to the tough neighborhoods
when i entered my teens

in the mornings
we ate grits
on weeknights we ate beans

it was then that
my mother was alone
just her and her six boys

I think of majesty
i think of triumph
i think of thrones

laughed at often for my high-water pants
ridiculed by many who learned
my younger brothers wore no shoes

told a many
times by many
i was destined for failure

told a many
times it was not
my right to rule

today those memories
of days of hardship
drive my goals

win or lose

i think of majesty
i think of triumph
I think of thrones

A Wonderful Morning

A Wonderful Morning

what a wonderful morning is
what a wonderful morning tis
to wake up alive feeling good

though i have aches, though i have stress
though i have gray, though i have pain
i know just my chronic ailments

i know it’s just my plain old age
after all considerations
just you know I still feel just great

what a wonderful morning is
what a wonderful morning tis
to wake up alive feeling good

this poem appears in “Good Morning New Year” – see link to publications in menu for more info

After Losing a Long, Well Fought Fight

after losing a long, well fought fight
the rain or our pain pelts the pith in our joints
the heat of our hurt melts the marrow
in our bones

the valleys of our battlefields
are covered with wreckage of dreams deferred
our steeds are worn
our banners torn
into the wind our masts blown
and our tears rage
like the charge of rolling rapids
raging in an upset river

arising, raising our once torn
now mended banners higher
we tread trails of trial
trails of test
trails of travail
trails of toil

nonetheless, the hardened footsteps
of our tempered feet tend not
towards long retreat

towards our battlefield
towards our commitment
towards our vision
toward our dream

towards the source of our sore
once the gates are open

we shall return

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