The “Jerry T Johnson, Poet” 2018 Tour

March 11th – Guest Host: great weather for MEDIA Spoken Word Sunday’s – gwfM presents “The Connecticut Poets Stage” – Lower East Side New York, New York

April 7th – One of many featured artists at InspiredWordNYC’s 8 Year Anniversary Event – Brooklyn, New York

April 13th – Promoter and Host: National Poetry Month @ Chappaqua Station – Chappaqua, New York

April 20th – Featured Poet: Grace Agard Harewood Neighborhood Senior Center – Brooklyn, New York

April 29th – One of several featured poets: “Morning to Morning “ by Jerry T Johnson-poetry chapbook release party – Lower East Side NY, New York

June 23rd/24th: Promoter and Host – The Connecticut Poets Stage at The Norwalk Arts Festival – Norwalk, Connecticut

July – December: REST & read all the books my friends in the writing business have written…

Details for each public venue will appear in later posts!!!

This work

i sit in my seat on the metro car as
my train zooms down the track speeding
in express mode as i type away with
thumbs stepping hard on a handheld pda
stepping hard as my head nods
from fatigue from rising before dawn
rising to occasion to strike down
complacency and procrastination for
i have not forgotten how to wage war nor
have i forgotten that there are conflicts
nor do i ignore that there are enemies nor
do i dwell on my pain and i do not dry my
tears for i saved my sorrow from drowning
and my cries are cries of joy for one more day to live and draw my pen from its sheath and assail ignorance, abuse and brutality for my moment of rest will one day come but until that hour this work i have engaged, this work i have embraced, this work i have taken on, this work, this work, this work just isn’t done

My Journey as a Poet

The Beginning of My Journey as a Poet – part 1

I took writing poetry seriously in the summer of 1992 and by early fall one of my poems, “I Be a Bad Dude” was published by Catalyst Literary magazine.

The writing and the preparation prior to receiving the acceptance letter marked the beginning of my journey as a poet. 

During that summer of ’92, I wrote and wrote and wrote poetry.  One of those summer nights I walked into my little apartment in the throes of rage.  I’d just finished confronting a young man who was disrespecting his parents by cussing in their presence and threatening violence towards them.  I intervened and we went to blows.  No one lost.  No one won but after we both rose up from the floor, he walked away just like a bully does when confronted.  

(to be continued next post..,)

“My Journey as a Poet” is the series I plan to blog about during this Summer’s posting season,