Too Much Shopping 

late morning grogginess
swaying on the platform
earbuds plugged in
connected to fast moving
melody replacing lack
of strong caffeine

waiting for a metro in DC
weekend scheduling slow
giving me time to blog
crowd is surprisingly light
at the Crystal City stop

on the way to outlet store
Two hours too many later
too much shopping done
after metro ride back
to Crystal City taking
a moment at a local BBQ
looking at a thinner wallet
listening to the blues

Holiday Shopping

i’m in one of these
highfalutin, hoity-toity
high luxury, high price
fashion malls a shopping

why am i here i ask
it’s the closest mall
to where I’m staying
it’s convenient i answer
i’m also looking
for a specific gift
a fat leather wallet
a surprise for my wife

her reliable, tan, leather
wallet with a thousand
compartments finally
fell apart after many
years of wear and tear

she looked in many places
for a proper replacement
but after three months
she has not found one
like the one she loves

there are
specifications, requirements
that must be met
i understand, i’m quite proud
of her for i am the same way

the wallet must have
many slots for many cards
not just the credit kind
but grocery, pharmacy
and the non-credit list goes on

the wallet must have
a built in change purse
with a zipper to access
those nickels and pennies
to hand me at cash registers

there must be a large
cash compartment
not just for cash but
also for coupons
to save dollars at the registers

finally, the wallet must not
zip close but a leather
strap with a snap
for closing it up
is a mandatory must

therefore my search
is nearly done
after visiting ten stores
in this expensive place
i think i found one

it had a price tag
that did not make
me gag too much
the salesperson will
hold it for me

for my wife is also in the mall 🙂