Why So Delirious?

Yekaterinburg, Russia – September, 1996

Why So Delirious?

Long project

From June to September

Vienna to Moscow

Moscow to Siberia

Siberia to Moscow

Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod to Boston

Boston for a week then back

to Moscow, back to Nizhny

back to Moscow then to

the administrative center

of the Urals, Yekaterinburg

I’m tired, it’s getting cold

and the heat isn’t on yet

October 1997, Moscow, Russia

October 1997, Moscow, Russia

Two days before this photo was taken, I was on vacation in Atlanta, Georgia where it was a nice 70 degrees . I returned to Moscow —where I lived and worked. On the flight back, as the plane made its final approach, l looked at all the snow on the ground covering the entire city. That is when I remembered, I left my overcoat in the trunk of the rental car at Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta.

Mission Complete

my heart sinks
from holding back tears
that are ready to burst through the wall
of my ice cold heart

two hundred fifty
computers in North America
to upgrade and repair
in ten days

i was team captain
leading a team of five
i finished one hundred machines
one fifty finished by the four

completed my duty
completed another mission
executed flawlessly
on a grand scale

no committee to welcome me
no grasp of magnitude
no understanding of feat
when i return

ivory towers still ivory towers
committees still committees
bureaucracies still bureaucracies
when i return

though surrounded
by my compatriots
i will sit in my seat alone
as i do now, when i return

“another iced tea sir?”
my gentle server asks,
“no thank you”, i reply
“it’s time to go home”

A Stroll in Chicago

in Chicago this morning
sitting in my hotel room
on the telephone
with the airline
on hold

had a great time here
but i need to leave
before the forecast snow

would love to be here
and walk through
Millennium Park
while flakes are falling

then stroll across
Lakeshore drive
to see if i can see
ripples in Lake Michigan

who knows
i may just take
a low intensity hike
to the end of the Navy Pier

no concerns for slipping
i did bring hiking shoes
the service rep answers
no can do on leaving early

i call the front desk
i ask the clerk,
“extend my stay please
for another night”

i reach into my suitcase
pull out my shoe bag
gaze at my low cut hikers
and i smile