Snakes in Greener Grass

Snakes in Greener Grass
beware my friend
there are poison snakes
slithering in the green grass

we love to walk in green grass
it is alright to walk in green grass
we search for greener pastures
just beware of the snakes in the greener grass

smiling snakes who smile at you
friendly snakes who want to hug you
loving snakes who want to kiss you
helpful snakes who want to help you
solve all your problems

snakes who smile and bare bloody fangs
snakes who hug and squeeze until your bones break
snakes who kiss and bite until the poison takes
snakes who help you feel comfortable and complacent

in your deathbed you awake to late
after you feel horror in your veins
from the terror of the deadly snakes
who slither in the greener grass

this poem appears in “Good Morning New Year!…”  select menu | Jerry T Johnson Publications for more info