National Poetry Month @ Chappaqua Station

National Poetry Month @ Chappaqua Station – Epilogue

National Poetry Month at Chappaqua Station was a great success! Despite the rain we had a good turnout! Our features were amazing, our Open Mic was fabulous. Our host and his staff were superb in setting up and arranging the layout of the venue!

A Hearty, Hearty Thank You and Appreciation to:

Our Host: Peter and Erin Chase & their staff members: Daisy and Brian

The Open Mic Participants and Audience Members

Last but definitely not least Our Features:

Bill Buschel, Vincent Bell, Laurel S. Peterson, Van Hartmann & Jane Ormerod

Please enjoy a few pics taken during event

My Organization

My Organization

Let me introduce the staff of my organization: Jerry T Johnson, Poetry

Founder – Jerry T Johnson

Treasurer – Jerry T Johnson

Marketing Head – Jerry T Johnson

Program Director – Jerry T Johnson

Production Mgr. – Jerry T Johnson

Receptionist – Jerry T Johnson

Admin Assistant – Jerry T Johnson

Table/Chairs Setup – Jerry T Johnson

Doorman – Jerry T Johnson

Usher – Jerry T Johnson

Host – Jerry T Johnson

Table/Chairs Breakdown – Jerry T Johnson

Janitor – Jerry T Johnson

And you know what, I enjoy it all! But as I grow, i plan to fill these positions with others at a later time.