My YouTube Channel

I have started a channel on YouTube.

I have made several of my poetry – previously published in literary journals available on a YouTube channel that I constructed. (the channel is still under construction but content is available). Check it out! Feel free to subscribe and feel free to share!

Next Poem

Next Poem

I’ve put my poem “My First Day Flying” on the shelf for now. I’m editing the next poem now. It’s title: LACKLAND.

A book is formulating. In order, next potential poem titles are:

-Sergeant Smalls & Billy Jack

⁃ Sergeant French

⁃ Inspection

⁃ Guard Duty

⁃ The Firing Range

⁃ The Blasting Caps

⁃ The Alamo

⁃ I Did Not Rob The BX

⁃ Ali versus Foreman

⁃ The Dells

⁃ I’m Going to Fail That IFR Test

⁃ Orders

⁃ Red Versus Sea Dog (already written)

⁃ I Do Not Dare Divulge (first appeared in HCE’s Classified issue

Saturday‘s Online Festival of Art and Poetry!!!

This is a video of this past Saturday’s Online Event: Poets, Writers & Storytellers Stage of the Norwalk Art Festival.

It consist of the virtual walk-thru of art and poetry scenes from last year’s festival and many of the poets who featured on Saturday, reading their outstanding work!

The video is 4+ hours long. (You can fast forward to sections of it though)


Literary Plans

My Next Literary Tasks

Since I’m away from my house and due to a serious looking storm approaching, I’m stuck at a safe place that practices social distancing very, very well — therefore, I may as well share my next literary plans with my friends:

Post Video Compilation of yesterday’s Poets, Writers & Storytellers of Norwalk Art Festival

  • tomorrow morning

Finish my epic poem (9 pages long) – title: My First Day Flying” submit it to Rattle’s annual contest- you never know

– by July 15th

I’ve decided on my next book. After polling my friends for feedback – Thanks for the Yeas and Nays. Based upon the feedback, the title:
“Poets Should Not Write About Politics”
Yes. I’m going there.

– by July 31st

That’s enough for right now!